Mario Più is a dj and producer for so many years, that’s today he’s considered representative of quality music and long creativity on the international club scene.
’Music is a mission, a universal language, it can connect young people worldwide, from Australia to Finland, and it’s amazing!’
Mario Più comes from Tuscany, the Italian Progressive and Techno cradle. During more than 30 years he played in the hottest nightclubs in Italy (such as Insomnia, Imperiale, Aida, Ecu, Embassy, Bxr, Matrix e Jaiss), but his music is very appreciated all around the globe, for emotion and energy and it led him to perform in the most famous clubs in the world, such as Temple (Dublin), U60 (Frankfurt), Passion (UK), Privilege (Ibiza), Slinky (UK), Arc (New York).

Mario Più released about a hundred of tracks, both with his real name and pseudonym. We all remember the anthem ‘Mas Experience’ , followed by ‘Communication’ (1999) a tune that, with its more than 200.000 copies sold in UK, reached n 5 in the Uk Sales Chart. Then ‘The Vision’, ‘TechnoHarmony’, ‘Love Game’ , ‘Devotion – C’era una volta il West’, or ‘Incanto per Ginevra’, ‘I don’t Want You Come Back’ on Fahrenheit Music and other labels.
He released successful tracks with other top dj’s, such as Mauro Picotto, Martin Roth, Joy Kitikonti, Lange and others. He recently released Thunderstruck’ and ‘Red Moon’ (Beatport Top 10) on Outburst Records, Mark Sherry’s label, and the track ‘Aldebaran’ on Create Strobe, the Lange’s label, (Beatport Top 20).

It’s 20 years since Mario Più joined Metempsicosi, not the usual booking agency, but a project based on music and entertainment, and on common values and friendship, too. Every year Metempsicosi manages a important tour with its whole roster in the top Italian clubs.
In 2017 Mario Più with Media Records founded ‘Neurals’, a new label dedicated to techno trance releases, already appreciated and played by top international dj’s. His latest tracks are: ‘Meraviglia’ a perfect example of melody and rhythm, and ‘Sweet Little Girl’ an amazing journey into Mario Più’ techno-trance universe, always dedicated to the dancefloors.

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  1. Riccardo Galatolo

    siamo tuoi conterranei di Livorno (ardenza, borgo, magenta…) e siamo cresciuti a new wave e techno…se hai voglia di dare un ascolto, anche solo per una critica, alla musica che facciamo, ci farebbe piacere e sarebbe un onore!
    il nostro sito è scritto sopra…grazie!
    cordiali saluti.


  2. fabrizio roma

    namber one

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